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Sierra Wireless Airlink Solutions
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30th of May, 2011

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Wireless 3G and 4G solutions for real world applications

Mobile Pro Wireless has taken its experience from thousands of our 3G customer deployments and is breaking new grounds with the deployment of 4G in the United States. What can you do with 3G/4G? Tell us what your requirements are and we can show you how today's wireless technologies can improve your bottom line and decrease the time it takes you to have the broadband you need.

Today’s 3G & 4G networks will allow you to do business in a way never conceived of before. Just imagine how it's been to date; waiting for a T-1 to be installed, not having access to inexpensive broadband because DSL is out of reach. How many times have you had to delay deploying new technology because of limited or no access to broadband at remote locations?

Everything has changed and you are no longer limited today. If you still have doubts, please look through some of the solutions listed below and see how our technology has helped others. If you still have doubts or questions, please feel free to contact us, so we can show you how Wireless 3G and 4G wireless technologies can remove the limitations of what was possible in the past via wire-line and 2G.


  • Field Service
  • Security/Surveillance
  • ATM/Kiosk
  • Industrial/Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Smart Grid
  •  Healthcare
  •  Transportation
  •  Military

Sierra Wireless Solutions

Sierra Wireless customers depend on us to enable innovative solutions that differentiate them from competitors. When you partner with us, we provide not only leading edge wireless technologies but also valuable industry knowledge. We have been in the wireless business since 1993, so when you need advice on wireless applications, infrastructure, or technology, we have expertise you can trust.

You have more options when you select from our comprehensive range of wireless solutions, from off-the-shelf and embedded wireless modems to routers and gateways. Our products have earned a reputation for reliability, durability, innovative design and performance.

If you need integration or product development, reduce your development costs with software drivers and tools that save time, and take advantage of our professional services expertise in engineering, design, and systems integration. We have even helped customers certify with operators—84 wireless operators in 40 countries to date. Our job is to provide you with wireless solutions that make it easy for you to get your application, service, or product to market on time.

Sierra Wireless equipment and software has been deployed across various vertically segmented market from automotive and transportation to energy and networking. Visit our customer stories page to read how some of our customers have enabled innovative wireless solutions, then contact Sierra Wireless to discuss how we can be a partner in your business success.

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